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Michael Vang

Executive Director

"I believe the Hmong is in a place where my leadership will lead a new way of bettering our lives."

— Michael Vang, Executive Director of Hmong Organization

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Txiv Neeb

Director of Elderly Programs

Mairy Moua

Director of the Hmong Women and girls empowerment program

Ryan White

Citizenship program coordinator


Julie Her

Development director and human resources director

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R. "Hom phiaj" Lor

hmong expert


Pang Her

executive assistant


Office Interns

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Want to join us and become a member?

We are sad to say that our internship roaster is currently full but if you are interested, please feel free to click the link below and let us know how would you make a difference in our proud Hmong community if you were to become a member?

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Affiliated Organization/Members

H.A.R.T. Director

Secretary of H.A.R.T. Director