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Activities and Programs

Elderly Programs

Hmong people value our old people-- whether they are our grandparents or some strangers on the street. Our Elderly Program is a safe place where Hmong O.G.s can hang out, make new friends, and get away from the drama of their crazy kids and grandkids.

Youth Programs and Child Daycare

We strive for our youth to be active in the Hmong community through art, sports, and in learning about our Hmong culture. There are after school programs as well as day care set up for those who need a helping hand. 

Hmong Women And Girls empowerment program

Throughout history, Hmong women and girls have been oppressed through patriarchy (both from Hmong people and White people). To ensure our women and girls are successful in life, we empower them through teaching traditional Hmong dance, holding support groups, and hosting trainings that include:       

  • What to do if some H.T.T.-minded person kidnapped you for a bride.       

  • How to bridge the generational gaps if you want to be a YouTube star and your parents want you to work in insurance.         
  • How to find a man who doesn’t oppress you    

  • How not to get pregnant so you can live the life you want for yourself

Citienship program

Even though Hmong people did help the Americans in the Secret War, it’s important to become U.S. citizens ‘cuz haters are gonna hate and we don’t want our people to end up like the Vietnamese or Cambodians who get deported for stealing a shirt from Kohl’s. Our Citizenship class helps senior citizens and regular people learn about the U.S. history so they can live in the U.S. and get passports to visit Laos whenever they want to.

need help Learning Hmong or english?

If you need help translating or even want to learn how to read and write Hmong or English, contact our very own Hmong Expert.

Meet Our Staff

Each with important roles that will help you with all your needs from each program director to our Hmong expert.